• Workforce :  2

Member of the cluster : Aerospace Valley

Improve the capability of organizations, business processes, people. Objective: performance and competitiveness. Role: initiate proceedings, transfer skills and knowledge, become autonomous, giving meaning a shared vision, tools and methods. Areas: vision, industrial strategic plan, innovation, production, maintenance, quality, project management, management systems, organization, CSR

Export Turnover

Branches of industry

  • Aeronautique 25 %
  • Defense / security & civil protection 25 %
  • Automotive 40 %
  • Other 10 %


How: Listening to needs, shared formalization (Define) Achieving shared diagnosis (Measurement), Development • Communication deployment and implementation of action plans (projects, training, coaching...) (Improve) Measuring effectiveness, communication of results (Control) ROE (define) AS 9145 (APQP&PPAP), AS 9136 (Problem Solving Method 9S), EN 9100, FMEA, SPC, MSA....

Customer References

Airbus Group, Airbus Helicopter, Lisi Aerospace, Roxel, M3Systems, FlyOps, Bosch, Valéo, Continental, Magna, Ford,....